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Pregnancy Week 7

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The Mom:
Are you having problems with morning sickness? Fortunately, it usually only lasts the first three months of pregnancy. If you find that it's causing you a lot of discomfort, here are some tips that may help you treat it:

  • Avoid fried, fatty or greasy foods. Also, highly seasoned foods such as Mexican, Italian dishes, barbeque, sausages etc. Rich foods, such as pies, cakes, and pastries, can also cause problems.

  • Cook your meats by roasting, baking or grilling.

  • Eat 6 small meals a day, instead of 3 large ones.

  • Keep crackers and weak herbal tea by your bedside. Try to have a nibble before getting out of bed.


  • CRAMPS: You may experience slight menstrual type cramps around the time you would normally be expecting your period. They should only last a day or so, and are usually moderate in nature. If the cramping should become severe, or if you have spotting, be sure to call your doctor and let them know.

  • BREASTS: You may have tender breasts. Your nipples may appear darker, and more prominent. Be sure to wear a good support bra. You may require a larger cup size as your pregnancy advances.

  • FREQUENT URINATION: You may find that you are making very frequent trips to the bathroom. This will continue throughout your pregnancy, but is usually not as bad during the 2nd trimester.

The Baby:
By the end of this week, baby will be between .44 and .52 inch long!! This is about the size of a kernel of corn or a green pea. You can now see where the arm buds are separating into hands as well. The heart has divided into right and left chambers and the primary airways have developed in the lungs.

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