Amazing Pregnancy

Pregnancy Week 5

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The Mom:
By this week you have probably begun to suspect you may be pregnant. There is a simple test you can take at home that measures the level of HCG (human chorionic gonadtrophin) present in your urine. They are usually accurate as early as the day your missed period is due.

Once you have a positive result, you should make arrangements to see your doctor to begin prenatal care.


  • You may be unusally tired, due to your body adapting to the demands of pregnancy. Be sure to get plenty of rest.

  • You may have tender breasts. Your nipples may appear darker, and more prominent. Be sure to wear a good support bra.

  • You may experience a metallic taste in your mouth.

  • You may experience morning sickness. If you find that queasiness is a problem, try keeping crackers by your bed in the morning. Some women find that eating 6 small high-carbohydrate meals instead of 3 large meals helps as well. Try to avoid fatty foods.

Preggie Pops and Sea Bands can help relieve the pregnancy related nausea.

  • You may need to urinate more frequently.
The Baby:
This week, your baby is about 0.05 inch long. The central nervous system, muscles and bone are in the early stages of developing. Baby is also developing a skeleton.