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Pregnancy Week 40

Third Trimester | Pregnancy Week 39

The Mom:

This is it! The week you are due is finally here! You are probably impatient for labor to start, but don't be discouraged if you go over your due date. Only 5% of babies actually arrive on the day they are due.

You may be afraid you won't recognize that you are in labor, but usually the signs are unmistakeable.

You may notice the passing of the mucus plug that protected the cervix during pregnancy. This is called the "show". It's usually blood tinged, and clear in color. This occurs before labor starts or in the early stages.

You may also have the sudden gush of your amniotic sac breaking. This can also come as a trickle. It should be clear. If you notice that the fluid is yellow, green or brown, call your doctor and go the hospital immediately. Your baby may be distress. Your water can break hours before your labor gets started. However, your doctor probably won't let you go too long without labor starting once your water has broken.

Contractions, the tightening of the uterus occurs throughout labor.

There are three stages for labor.

The first stage is usually the longest. It's may start off with infrequent contractions, which increase in strength in frequency. Your doctor/midwife will have told you when to notify them of your contractions. Towards the end of the first stage, you will enter transition.

Transition is when you baby is moving into the birth canal. The second stage begins when you are fully dialated and begin pushing the baby out. Once your baby is delivered, you may get to hold her while your doctor checks her over to make sure she is ok. The umbilicial cord will be clamped and cut.

The third and final stage is the birth of the placenta. This is usually quick. If you would like to see or touch it, don't be afraid to ask.

That's it! You're a new mom! Life's greatest adventures and wonders await you and your new child. Enjoy them all.

The Baby:
Your baby may or may not be engaged in your pelvis at this point. A lot depends on whether you are a first time mom, or a repeater. Baby is usually lying with his head down, and his back against your abdomen. This is considered the "ideal" position for birth. He will probably weigh about 7.5 pounds and will be about 22 inches long! Hard to believe how much he's grown these past nine months, isn't it?

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