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Pregnancy Week 39

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The Mom:

While you certainly hope for an easy labor, there are a few complications that can arise during delivery.

If you baby is breech, your doctor may try and turn him. If this doesn't work, many doctors will insist on a C-section. There are some doctors who will try to vaginally deliver a breech baby.

If your baby needs help traveling down the birth canal, your doctor may use either forceps or vacuum extraction. Forceps look like a large pair of salad tongs. they will be inserted into your vagina, and your doctor will help the baby out as you push. Vacuum extraction is when your doctor places a suction cup on the baby's head, and the baby is sucked out as you push with your contractions. These two methods may leave some bruising on your newborn, but it usually only lasts a few days.

The Baby:
Baby is now in position for birth, and weighs about 7 pounds. She is about 21.5 inches long.

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