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Pregnancy Week 38

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The Mom:

Pain Relief is available should you chose to use it. If you find that you need some relief, you may want to start with an injection of a drug like Demerol or Stadol. These drugs will help you relax and they also take the edge off of the pain for you. You will still feel the contractions. They can also make your baby sleepy when he is born.

If you decide you would like an epidural, an anesthesiologist will be called in. She will inject a local anaesthetic into the space between your spinal column and the spinal cord, numbing the nerves that serve the uterus. It may also numb your leg nerves making it hard for you to move around. They take about 20-30 minutes to set up, then you usually get a medication every hour and a half. There are a lot of different feelings about the effects of your baby. You will want to be sure to do your own research and make an informed decision.

The Baby:
Most babies born anytime after this week, are considered full term, and have no difficulties at all. Baby may have long fingernails, in need of a trim, and a head full of hair at this point. The vernix is beginning to dissolve. Baby weighs approx 6.8 pounds, and is about 21.25 inches long.

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