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Pregnancy Week 24

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The Mom:

Have you thought about getting your nursery together yet? If so, you may have been overwhelmed by all the different styles and types of baby equipment available. Babies require very little in the way of furniture. You will need a safe place for them to sleep, a dresser for their clothes, a place to change them and that is really it for the first few months. You may find it helpful to place a chair for feeding the baby in the nursery as well.

When setting up your baby's room, keep in mind that babies enjoy looking at bright colors with lots of contrast, and big bold patterns. You can easily change the look of a room with borders, pictures and mobiles.

If you have overhead lighting in the nursery, you may want to install a dimmer switch. These are available at your local hardware store, and are simple to install. Be sure to turn off the power to the room while doing it. If you don't want to use a dimmer switch, a lamp or night light with a soft glow is another good option.

Placement of the crib/bassinet is important. You want to be sure not to place it near the heat vent or a window. Newborns cannot regulate their own body temperature yet. A good temperature to keep baby's room at is 68-70 degrees.


  • Breast Changes, tenderness, fullness, darkening of the areola
  • Frequent Urination
  • Constipation
  • Indigestion or heartburn
  • Occasional headaches
  • Stretch Marks (cocoa butter can help with these)
  • Itching
  • Round ligament pains
  • Hemorrhoids

The Baby:
Boy or girl? Do you know which you are having? Did you know that if it's a girl, her ovaries already contain several millions eggs? In boys, the scrotum is well developed. Have you started reading up on circumcision so you can make your choice regarding it? Now is a good time to start researching your decision, if you haven't already. Baby now weighs about 15 ounces and is about 12.5 inches long.

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