A pregnant woman
A pregnant woman (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

There are a number of important nutrients that pregnant women need, both for their own health and for the health of their baby. Among the most commonly discussed are Folate, Calcium, and Iron. In addition, however, there are a number of important vitamins that you need to be taking in. One of the most important pregnancy vitamins is Vitamin D.

Studies have shown that women who do not get enough Vitamin D during pregnancy may have babies that have poorer mental skills and movement skills than those that got enough. Not getting enough Vitamin D during pregnancy doesn’t guarantee a problem with brain development or movement development, but it can be a risk factor.

Many women simply don’t get enough vitamin D during pregnancy. When looked at from the whole of society, this can lead to trouble with neuropsychological well-being in a given society.

Certain types of women are at a greater risk of getting less of the nutrient while pregnant than others. Groups with higher risk factors include:

  • Overweight women
  • Obese women
  • Women from poorer backgrounds
  • Women with darker skin tone
  • Women who live in areas that don’t get much sun during the winter season

Vitamin D can be acquired via sunlight, various types of foods, nutritional supplements, prenatal vitamins, and more. One of the difficulties is that it isn’t certain exactly how much is the right amount of Vitamin D for a pregnant woman to get.

The typical prenatal vitamin contains 400 IU of Vitamin D. Yet, there’s still not enough research to say whether providing expectant mothers with more of the vitamin would be of any benefit.

Research is, of course, ongoing. In the meantime, It’s become quite obvious that getting enough vitamin D during pregnancy is essential to your baby’s growth and development.

In addition, as women age they become more vulnerable to osteoporosis. While this occurs mostly after menopause, there is a greater need for Vitamin D during pregnancy to help keep a woman’s bones strong, in addition to helping with brain and central nervous system development in the baby.

Vitamin D and Baby’s Brain Development