Being Pregnant

One of the concerns that many women who become pregnant for the first time is whether or not it’s safe to have sex during pregnancy. In fact, the question is probably more common among their male partners, who may have some serious reservations about the act itself.

The quick answer is this: sex is safe for a couple throughout the pregnancy, with very few exceptions.

Let’s take a look at some of the facts related to sex during pregnancy:

  • Your sex life is going to change. You can’t pretend things are the same as they were before. Embrace the change, and work together as a couple to understand it.
  • Sex will never directly harm your baby. It doesn’t matter how big your partner is; the penis is never going to come into contact with your baby during pregnancy sex. The baby is surrounded by the amniotic sac and the muscles in your uterus. There’s also a plug of mucus that seals your cervix, keeping your baby away from potential infections.
  • Your sex drive will probably fluctuate greatly. Most pregnant women discover that their sex drive increases overall during pregnancy. That said, there will probably be hills and valleys, so be aware of the fact that you won’t always be in the mood.
  • Communication is key. You need to talk with your partner about your concerns (as well as his) regarding pregnancy sex. Beyond sex, however, you need to communicate about intimacy and other non-sexual intimate activities.
  • The logistics of sex are going to get complicated. As your pregnancy progresses, some sexual positions are going to become difficult. Others will become impossible. Still others may be tremendously uncomfortable.
  • Some women with certain risk factors shouldn’t have sex during pregnancy. Some of these risk factors include threatened or actual miscarriage, previous pre-term labor, vaginal bleeding, leaking of amniotic fluid, problems with the placenta, an incompetent cervix and a multiple pregnancy. Your doctor may also point out any other risk factors which sex might complicate during pregnancy.

Pregnancy sex is generally safe for most couples, but you have to be ready to adapt to your changing body and your changing needs.


Pregnancy Sex: Is It Safe?