Can Wild Yam increase fertility?

Women whose herbalists have suggested it as an aid to rebalancing hormones have used wild yam successfully. Hormonal imbalances are the culprits for menstrual cramps, PMS, heavy bleeding and other uncomfortable or painful symptoms. Wild yam can be used to regulate cycles and make them more predictable and regular and it is likely these attributes that help increase a woman’s chances of fertility. It’s thought that by taking it in the aforementioned small doses, it helps to ready the egg for fertilization.

Can Sore Breasts Be A Sign Of Pregnancy?

Mother Nature endowed women with breasts to nurture our children. Happily they also seem to play a role in the attraction of a suitable mate to help us to create those children! From the onset of puberty, we experience varying degrees of pain and tenderness as our bodies evolve through monthly cycles of potential reproduction and this continues for forty years or more. Sometimes we curse the discomfort we experience, yet other times, we hope that it signifies the possibility of something wonderful pregnancy.

If My Period Is Not Regular, How Do I Know When I’m Ovulating?

Getting pregnant can be such a hit and miss scenario. It’s supposed to be so easy, so natural, and yet for some women, it takes literally months to happen. If your period is irregular, which in itself is a mighty inconvenience at the best of times, when you’re trying to conceive, it can be very difficult trying to work out when you’re most likely to do so based on your cycle. It becomes crucial to determine when you are ovulating so that you can have the very best chance of taking advantage of optimum timing. But how do you find out?

How Long After A Miscarriage Can I Start Trying To Conceive Again?

How long you wait before trying to conceive again after a miscarriage depends on a few factors, not the least of which is your emotional preparedness. Sometimes, the further into the pregnancy a woman was before she miscarried, the more difficult it is to cope with the associated grief and sadness. Many health professionals recommend waiting at least a cycle or two after a miscarriage before attempting to conceive again, so that any underlying emotional distresses can have time to surface and be dealt with.

Getting Pregnant: How Long Does It Take?

Many women find the process of trying to conceive very frustrating because they thought it would just happen. Pregnancy doesn’t happen for every woman the first month, and to believe with every fiber of your being that it’ll be that quick and easily usually just sets you up for disappointment. Although people accidentally become pregnant all the time, getting pregnant actually requires that everything is just right. So, go in assuming that it won’t happen right away and you’ll probably be able to hang in there a lot longer without getting frustrated.

Conceiving Twins Without Fertility Drugs

Twins have become more and more common in our culture because of fertility drugs that result in multiple births more often than not. But, some women manage to get pregnant with twins without the use of fertility drugs and are surprised at such an outcome. With twin births increasing by 400% in the last twenty years, many can be explained away by fertility drugs, but every now and again twins actually happen naturally.