Using Clary Sage During Delivery

Clary sage is often used in labor to provide an aromatic delivery, where the smells in the delivery room can benefit the mother in a variety of ways. Clary sage should never be confused with regular sage, as sage can actually be very toxic to the baby because it’s so strong. Your midwife might recommend using Clary sage, but if she doesn’t, why not bring it up and see what she thinks. Clary sage has a very unique smell, so be prepared, because not all mothers will appreciate the smell!

Using Nubain During Labor

Nubain is a analgesic narcotic that is commonly used during simple surgeries or during labor. Nubain is effective and safe for most people, though it’s not the strongest drug that you can use for pain. Drugs such as Nubain simply lessen pain perception, making the pain more tolerable. Especially during labor, decreasing pain perception is important to help a woman get through the contractions and difficult parts of labor.