Advances in the areas of medicine and nutrition have really helped pregnant women over the past several years. Pregnancy today is safer and, some would argue, easier than it has ever been. Not only that, there is the potential for our children to be born even healthier and happier than ever before.
One of the problems plaguing society is, of course, childhood obesity. An alarming number of children under the age of 12 fall into the obese or overweight category.
Some recent research in England, however, may offer hope for expectant moms who are concerned about childhood obesity. A study intends to give Glucophage (brand name Metformin) during pregnancy.
The premise of the study is this: giving this medication, which is typically for diabetics, will reduce the chances of the baby developing obesity. Not only that, there is some speculation that the Glucophage will help keep the babys size under control before birth, leading to fewer difficult births and fewer C-sections.
Doctors also believe it may help to reduce the risk of preeclampsia for the women.
This medication has already been shown to be safe for pregnant women to use. If the trials are successful, it could mean less childhood obesity, as well as fewer pregnancy complications.
When a baby is large before birth, it often means a prolonged and difficult labor. There is also a greater chance of injury to the mother or the baby during the birthing process. For that reason, many medical professionals will recommend a C-section.
On the other hand, opponents suggest that these C-sections are often unnecessary, and that with patience and proper care a baby of just about any size can be born naturally.
It will be interesting to see what the results of this study could be. If they are positive, perhaps it will be one piece to solving the problem of childhood obesity, simply by offering the mother Glucophage during the pregnancy.

Pregnancy and Obese Babies