More than any other time in your life, you need to be concerned about nutrition during your pregnancy. The fact of the matter is that the foods you take into your body will directly affect your baby. This is a critical time for both of you, and so you need to develop and follow some nutritional principles to guide you through.
Here are some basic pregnancy nutrition principles to keep in mind:
Remember youre eating for two. This doesnt mean you need to eat twice as much food; it means that you need to be keenly aware of what youre eating. Your baby does require more food than what you require on your own. Youre going to take in about an extra 300 calories each day through your entire pregnancy.
Pregnancy isnt the time to lose weight. Even if youre overweight at the beginning of your pregnancy, you should still be gaining between 12 and 25 pounds during pregnancy. A woman in a normal weight range should gain between 25 and 35 pounds, and a woman who is underweight should gain between 30 and 40 pounds.
Your diet needs to be balanced. You need to take in between 3 and 5 services of fresh veggies and fresh fruits each day. At least one of those should be a dark orange colored vegetable. Two should be dark leafy green. Youll also need at least two servings of extra-lean meat, chicken, or another source of protein. Get 8 glasses of water, 6 servings of whole grains, and 3 servings of nonfat or lowfat dairy.
Some things should be avoided. There is a long list of foods you should stay away from during pregnancy, including raw meats or seafoods, fish that contain mercury, uncooked deli meats, raw eggs, soft cheese, liver, unpasteurized beverages, and more.
Remember that everything you eat can pass through to your baby. The placenta will filter out some harmful elements, but ultimately everything you take in has a chance of getting to your baby. Be careful about what you eat.
Follow these tips and youll maximize your chances for a happy, healthy pregnancy.

Pregnancy Nutrition Principles