Most expectant mothers want to bond with their babies, even before theyre born. Fortunately, thats not difficult to do. Moms naturally bond with baby while pregnant, and many of the day to day things you do cause your baby to bond with you-even before shes born. One of the best ways to bond with the little one growing in your tummy is just talking to baby.
Your baby begins to recognize your voice fairly early in the second trimester. In fact, your voice can actually help calm her down. She cant distinguish actual words yet (much less understand them), but she can pick out the tone, timber, and rhythm of your voice and differentiate it from other sounds she hears from inside your tummy.
Your baby will come to recognize your voice naturally. There isnt really anything special you need to do in order to make that happen. That said, lots of moms find that speaking directly to their baby helps them to bond with her. Here are some other suggestions for talking with your baby:
Read books to your baby. Not only does this help you bond with your baby, but it can help you separate the baby books youll both grow to love from the ones thatll drive you buts. Trust us on this one. The last thing you want is for your baby to decide her favorite book (the one she needs read to her over and over and over again) is one that you just cant stand.
Sing to your baby. Everyone knows that singing can help calm babies after theyre born. Its also a great way to bond with your baby before shes born. You dont need to be a pop star or virtuoso to bond with your baby through singing, either. Just do your best and sing softly and sweetly. Shell love it.
Let baby hear other voices. Baby gets to hear your voice every time you talk. Give Dad and any big brothers or sisters a turn. It may look a little silly, but letting dads and siblings talk to the baby inside your belly can help them to bond with her.

Talking to Baby