One of the herbs that you need to be at least a little bit cautious about during your pregnancy is calendula. Calendula is thought to impact your menstrual cycle, and for that reason many herbalists will recommend against its use during pregnancy. You’re probably going to want to steer clear of using calendula in an ingested fashion when you are pregnant. However, there may be a way that calendula can be useful during pregnancy.

In some cases, calendula can be useful during pregnancy as a part of a herbal, topical approach to helping with stretch marks.  An all natural stretch oil, for example, might contain a variety of herbs, including calendula and chamomile. It is also likely that this sort of stretch oil could use vitamin E and essential oils like borage oil and neroli to encourage the elasticity of the skin. 

There is even a use for this sort of oil to help with the perineum.  This sort of stretch oil with calendula can be useful during pregnancy in perineal massage, which can help to avoid the tearing of the perineum during childbirth, or the need for an episiotomy. 

In addition to using calendula and other herbs during pregnancy to help prevent stretch marks, there are other things you can do was well  Making sure that your skin is moisturized throughout your pregnancy may help to prevent or lessen stretch marks, for example.  There are a variety of skin products available to accomplish this task.  There are even some moisturizing creams that are specifically designed to help reduce or prevent stretch marks. 

In addition to helping both your health and your baby’s health, eating a balanced and healthy diet can help to prevent stretch marks during pregnancy.  Specifically, good nutrition will help to strengthen your skin and to make it more healthy, and help it to stretch easier and to contract back after you have given birth.  While it may not be entirely possible to prevent stretch marks during pregnancy, following these steps may lessen their impact, and may even lessen their severity.

What is Calendula Used for during Pregnancy?