One of the areas that most often experiences changes during pregnancy is the breasts. During your pregnancy, you’re going to experience a number of breast changes. This includes during the middle of pregnancy, or your second trimester. During pregnancy, your breasts are helping to prepare you for the arrival of your baby. Your breasts are intended as the first source of nutrition for your baby, and those changes are related to your ability to breastfeed.

A number of different breast changes during middle pregnancy can occur. Sometimes, these are breast changes that took place earlier in pregnancy and that have continued into this part of pregnancy. During pregnancy, breast tenderness is common. This often starts when you first become pregnant. In some cases, however, it doesn’t happen until you’re in your second trimester. Understand, as well, that not every woman experiences this particular change during her pregnancy. While it’s very common, not having breast tenderness doesn’t mean there is something wrong, either.

Your breasts will tend to grow bigger during the middle of pregnancy. Your nipples may start to perk up more than what they did previously. It’s likely that your areolas may expand in size, as well. As your breasts size changes, you should consider switching to a supportive bra. You might have to change your bra size, as well. Here again, not every woman will experience as dramatic a change in breast size during middle pregnancy, with some women experiencing much more drastic changes than others.

It’s also common for your breasts to start leaking during the middle of your pregnancy. This is one of those symptoms that’s really not common in the first trimester, but that you’re likely to see start in the middle of your pregnancy.  As early as any time during the second trimester, your breasts may begin to leak a thick, yellowish substance that is called colostrum.  Colostrum is the very first breast milk that your baby will consume.  This leaking of colostrum can last during the entire rest of the second trimester, and even on through the remainder of pregnancy.  Still, not every woman will experience this particular breast change.  For some women, breast leakage does not start until some time after their baby is born.

Breast Changes during Middle Pregnancy