Generally speaking, pregnancy is not the time that you should be loosing weight.  Gaining weight is a normal and natural part of pregnancy.  Pregnancy is a critical time for both mother and baby, particularly in regard to diet and nutrition.  For a woman who is pregnant, the focus should be the actual nutrition she is consuming, rather than on whether she is losing, gaining, or maintaining weight.

Gaining weight is a necessary part of pregnancy.  If a woman does not gain enough weight during pregnancy, her baby will not gain enough weight, and be able to develop and grow correctly.  For example, a woman who is slender should gain somewhere around 25 to 35 pounds during pregnancy.  A woman who is underweight should plan to gain more like 30 or 40 pounds.  For a woman that is overweight, weight loss is still not the best situation; it is still important to gain at least between 12 and 25 pounds during pregnancy.

When you are "eating for two," it is important to realize that you aren’t going to take in twice the amount of calories;  your growing baby and you need about 300 extra calories each day to keep things moving along.

On top of your nutrition, you need to get some exercise. In fact, physical activity is an essential part of pregnancy health. You shouldn’t engage in strenuous or vigorous exercise without talking to your doctor, but mild to moderate exercise can actually help you relieve some pain, lessen your odds of being constipated, help you sleep better and even prepare your body for childbirth.

Ultimately, pregnancy is a time when you need to focus on your overall health, your diet and your physical activity, and less on losing pounds.

Is It Safe To Lose Weight During Pregnancy?