Sometimes, a woman can be pregnant and not even know it.  She might feel nauseous, tired, and her nipples might be sensitive.  She may even visit the doctor, only to find that she’s been pregnant for two or three months.  On the other hand, many couples who are trying to conceive, or who have been trying to conceive for some time, wait anxiously to feel any sign that a pregnancy may finally be on it’s way.  There are some common signs of early pregnancy that you can watch for.

  • Often the first and most obvious sign of early pregnancy for many women is a missed period. You need to understand, however, that there are plenty of other possible causes for a missed period, such as nutrition issues, vigorous exercise and health problems.
  • The hormonal changes taking place in a woman’s body can lead to fatigue, too. You might get lethargic, and you might be worn out from even small amounts of physical activity.  These hormonal changes can also affect your mood.  Some women will feel pronounced mood swings as little as a couple of weeks after becoming pregnant.  Some women claim that this can start even earlier.
  • Another common sign of early pregnancy is implantation bleeding.  When the fertilized egg attaches to the uterus, some women will have a very light bleeding.  This will typically be from pinkish to reddish-brown in color, and typically lasts for 1-2 days.
  • Having to pee a lot can also be a sign of pregnancy. This is more common later on in your pregnancy, when your baby is pushing on your internal organs. Still, some women find that they have to pee more right away.
  • Morning sickness is, of course, a fairly common pregnancy symptom.  About two thirds of women will have some morning sickness. It can occur any time, of course, not just in the mornings. It might be occasional nausea, or it might be constant. It might be a whoozy feeling, or evne vomiting.
  • Breast tenderness is one of the very earliest signs of pregnancy.  Increased hormones cause breasts to be sensitive and sore, and often to swell.

The most reliable and effective way that you can determine whether you are pregnant is, of course, with a pregnancy test.  For most women, it may be possible to determine whether you are pregnant as early as 7-10 days after conception using a home pregnancy test.  However, the time required depends greatly on the type of pregnancy test being used, as well as your own individual physiology.  For some women, a pregnancy may not show up for as much as 14 days or more after conception.

Common Early Pregnancy Signs