Announcing your pregnancy to your family and friends can be an exciting prospect.  In some cases, it can make you nervous, scared, and delighted.  The timing of when to tell your friends and family that you are pregnant is something that you should devote some thought to.

In general, the second person that you will "announce" your pregnancy to is your husband or partner.  In general, it is probably best to make this announcement first and early, as you don’t want him to find out somewhere else!

Some people choose to make the announcement to their family and friends earlier rather than later.  Indeed, for some couples who have been trying to conceive for some time, the call to family and friends will happen almost as soon as the pregnancy test is done!  Other people believe that you should wait to make the announcement until a while into your pregnancy, perhaps after the first trimester.  For a woman who has had a miscarriage, for example, it may be more difficult to tell her friends and family that she is pregnant again.  Some women on the far extreme of the discussion believe that you should not necessarily even make an announcement.  Once you start to show and people start to ask, you can fill them in, but your belly should be the main vehicle for letting folks know.

If you announce early to your friends and family that you are pregnant, you might find that you have much more support during the early stages of pregnancy.  In addition, friends and family can share early in your excitement.  You can also start to receive advice (although this is not always a good thing!)  If you do miscarry, you might find you have a lot of support.

If you choose to wait, you run the risk of getting more advice than you want.  Also, if you do have a miscarriage, you may feel awkward about telling people.  Waiting also gives you more time to process the news yourself.  By not making an early announcement, you might be able to avoid some people knowing before you’ve had the chance to tell them.

Ultimately, deciding on the best time to announce your pregnancy to your family and friends is a personal decision that you and your spouse or partner must make.

When Is The Best Time To Announce My Pregnancy To Family & Friends?