There are any number of things that can trigger morning sickness.  For some women, motion may do it.  A car ride may be almost unbearable during the first trimester, when morning sickness is most common.  For other women, dehydration will certainly trigger morning sickness.  In some cases, eating spicy foods or foods that are high in saturated fats may trigger morning sickness.  And, for some women, the smell of food may even trigger their morning sickness.

It is important to understand some things about morning sickness in order to understand why the smell of food triggers your morning sickness.  First of all, experts aren’t entirely agreed about what exactly it is that causes morning sickness.  Many believe that it is the changing levels of hormones in a woman’s body that will trigger morning sickness.  While there are other theories, this certainly seems to be the most likely cause.  Of course, changing hormone levels doesn’t explain, directly, why the smell of food might trigger morning sickness.

It is not uncommon for a woman who is pregnant to have a heightened sense of smell.  This is indeed due to changing hormone levels.  When the woman’s sense of smell is heightened, she tends to notice every smell.  Things such as certain foods that may have very strong smells, regardless of whether they are good smells or bad smells, are very noticeable.  For many women, when they encounter a strong smell it tends to overwhelm their senses, which can in turn cause their stomach to feel upset.  This, then, will trigger morning sickness.

If you have severe morning sickness, or morning sickness that is accompanied by prolonged vomiting, you should speak with your health care provider.  The good news for women whose morning sickness is triggered by the smell of food is that morning sickness will almost always disappear some time around the end of the first trimester of pregnancy.

Food Smells and Your Morning Sickness