Provided by: Dr. Tracy Flanagan, OB.GYN / Director of Women’s Health, Kaiser Permanente Northern California


§   If you are considering getting pregnant and are prone to the blues, talk to your doctor.


§   If you are taking anti-depressants and considering pregnancy, work with your doctor on the best approach to managing both your depression and your pregnancy.


§   Find a support network of other pregnant women to relieve common worries and feel more connected to others.


§   If you are feeling down during your pregnancy, take good care of your body and yourself by eating healthy foods, drinking plenty of fluids and getting more rest.


§   Get exercise everyday (check with your doctor first). Pregnant women who exercise are more accepting of their body changes and less likely to suffer from depression. 


§   Join a prenatal class to gain learn more about pregnancy, childbirth, and infant care and to connect with other moms-to-be.


§   Share your feelings with your partner and nurture your relationship with your partner before the baby arrives. Take a “babymoon”.


§   Tell your doctor if you are having negative feelings, including anger.

Tips for Women Dealing with Depression Symptoms Before and During Pregnancy