It is not uncommon at all for your senses to go through certain changes during the second trimester, as well as through out the rest of your pregnancy. While it is true that those sensory changes typically happen earlier on in pregnancy, during the first trimester, many women don’t experience changes to the senses until some time during the second trimester. Of all of the senses that change during the second trimester, the sense of smell and the sense of taste seem to be the most pronounced, although changes to the other senses during the second trimester are not uncommon at all. The hormonal changes that your body goes through during the second trimester, as well as during the other trimesters of pregnancy, will often affect your senses. This is especially true for your sense of smell. A pregnant woman’s sense of smell becomes highly sensitive during the second trimester, and even before. In fact, some experts believe that the increased sense of smell is, at least in part, responsible for morning sickness. Taste also often changes during pregnancy, often during the second trimester. You may discover that you start to crave certain foods during the second trimester, or that you have a strange metallic taste in your mouth. While the metallic taste can often be due to other factors, such as your prenatal vitamins, the fact of the matter is that you are probably more sensitive to in during pregnancy. The heightened sense of smell that occurs during pregnancy may be connected to the changes in taste that often occurs during the second trimester, as much of our taste comes from the smell of food. Finally, your other senses may change as well during the second trimester. You may find that your vision becomes worse during the second trimester, or at another point during pregnancy. As it turns out, the changing levels of hormones can actually affect the shape of the eye during pregnancy, causing a bit of blurriness. Your sense of touch can change during the second trimester too, as you may find that you are increasingly sensitive in terms of touch. Some women even report a change to their sense of hearing during the second trimester.”

How Do Your Senses Change During The Second Trimester?