Abdominal cramps during the second trimester are, generally speaking, something of a cause for concern. In fact, abdominal cramps during any of the trimesters of pregnancy may be a cause for concern. However, having said that, the fact of the matter is that mild cramping can occur during pregnancy without there being something else wrong. Knowing what to look for in terms of abdominal cramps during the second trimester is an important part of maintaining a safe and healthy pregnancy.

Mild and occasional abdominal cramps during the second trimester do not necessarily indicate a problem. Abdominal cramps become a problem during the second trimester when they are severe, they are persistent, or when they are also accompanied by any spotting or bleeding. Cramping at any point during pregnancy that is severe, lasts more than a few hours, or that is accompanied by bleeding is a cause for concern, and you should contact your health care provider immediately. This is particularly true if your abdominal cramps are accompanied also by other symptoms, such as a feeling of light-headedness or faintness, or if you have a fever.

During the first trimester of pregnancy, you may experience some light abdominal cramping along with a slight amount of spotting. This can be caused by implantation bleeding, which occurs in early pregnancy. Implantation bleeding, obviously, cannot be responsible for abdominal cramps during the second trimester. Even if you are in the first trimester, you should still talk to your health care provider if you have abdominal cramps that are accompanied by any amount of bleeding or spotting.

In some cases, a woman may feel mild abdominal cramps during the second trimester that are actually caused by ligament pain. This sort of cramp feels more like a dull aching sensation across the abdomen. In other cases, it may manifest itself as a sharp ache that runs along the side of the abdomen. Ligament pain tends to be most pronounced when standing up from a sitting position, or when you are coughing. Ligament pain may be treated with a variety of methods, including a maternity belt, having a warm bath, and even doing yoga.

Abdominal Cramps During The Second Trimester