Stretch marks most often occur when the skin has been stretched and then is released.  This often happens with pregnancy, but it is also known to happen in cases of rapid weight loss.  Dealing with stretch marks can be very frustrating, as there is no cure-all that can just make them disappear.  However, there are products that many people have had a relative degree of success with in terms of reducing or hiding the stretch marks.  One of these products is cocoa butter.

Cocoa butter is a natural skin lubricant.  It is known to help with the softening and smoothing of skin, as well as relieving dry skin.  Cocoa butter can be applied to existing stretch marks, or it can be applied to the areas that are prone to stretch marks, such as on the abdomen, thighs, and in the breast area.  Some cocoa butter products are mixed with a variety of other ingredients.  Some may include mineral oil, coconut oil, petroleum, and palm oil.  Some may contain certain skin-friendly vitamins, as well.

There are other things besides cocoa butter that can help with your stretch marks.  Eating a diet that is high in vitamins C, E, and A may help.  Eating foods that contain zinc may help, as well, as can eating foods that contain essential fatty acids.

There are some laser therapies that may help to reduce the impact of stretch marks.  Lasers tend to work best on stretch marks that have just formed.

If your stretch marks are painful or severe, feel free to talk to your health care provider about them.  While they may be a common part of pregnancy, they are also something that you might be able, with a little bit of effort, to lessen.

The good news overall is that stretch marks do also fade by themselves over time.  When they first appear, they will likely be reddish or purplish in color.  Over time, they will fade to more of a tan color or a white color.

How can Cocoa Butter help with my Stretch Marks?