The things that you do during pregnancy can have a tremendous effect on both your well-being and the well-being of your baby.  While it certainly is possible to be too cautious, there definitely are some kinds of things that you should avoid during pregnancy to insure the safety and success of your pregnancy.

You should not smoke tobacco products or be around people who are smoking during pregnancy.  You really need to avoid this at all costs.  Smoking during pregnancy can result in all kinds of things, from pre-term birth to fetal death to miscarriage.  The effects of second-hand smoke are not as severe, but still are a big enough factor that you should avoid it during pregnancy.

Alcohol should, in general, be avoided during pregnancy.  While it is true that a single glass of wine with dinner or a single beer will probably not harm your baby, high doses of alcohol or frequent use of alcohol can definitely affect your baby.  Fetal Alcohol Syndrome, in which your baby is harmed by your alcohol consumption, can lead to all kinds of abnormalities, including problems with growth, motor skills, malformations of the face, and even malfunctions of all kinds of organs.

There are some foods you should avoid during pregnancy, as well.  Some kinds of fish, inlcuding shark, tile fish, king mackerel, and swordfish.  These fish tend to have high levels of mercury.  YOu also should avoid raw meats and seafood.  You should avoid hot dogs and deli meats.  Raw eggs, soft cheeses, and liver are also some kinds of things that you should avoid during pregnancy.

You should also avoid changing a cat’s litter box during pregnancy.  A cat’s feces can contain a parasite known as Toxoplasma gondii.  This parasite can cause an infection known as Toxoplasmosis, that can threaten the health or even the life of your baby.  You should also avoid any cat feces that is not in a litter box.

Finally, to whatever degree it is possible, you should try to avoid stress during pregnancy.  Stress can be harmful to both you and your baby.  Practice stress-relief techniques whenever it is possible.

What Kinds of Things Should I Avoid During Pregnancy?