It is very common for a woman’s body temperature to change during pregnancy. During pregnancy, a woman’s metabolism speeds up, which causes her body to create additional heat. To help to cope with this, a woman’s body temperature actually decreases over the course of her pregnancy, to keep her base temperature from rising as her metabolic rate rises. The rise in metabolic rate is also part of the reason that she will need to take in extra calories during pregnancy.

In addition, the fluctuation of hormones can create hot flashes or other temperature changes during pregnancy. It is not uncommon for a pregnant woman to experience hot flashes, either during the daytime or the nighttime.

As pregnancy progresses, a woman’s body has to do more work. In addition to processing the baby’s nutrients, the baby himself eventually creates an extra weight for her to carry around. This extra work can make it easier for a woman to get overheated, as well.

One of the biggest concerns with temperature changes during pregnancy is exercise. It is especially important that a pregnant woman exercise in breathable clothing, and avoid exercising when it is very hot or very humid. She should wear loose-fitting clothes when exercising. This will not only help her from becoming overheated, but also will help with dehydration. Of course, it is also important for a pregnant woman to make sure that she is getting enough clear liquids, as well, because this will keep her from getting dehydrated and help to cool her down as well.

Denim is a particularly appropriate material to wear during pregnancy. Denim will keep you cool during the summer, but warm during the cooler months of the year. Dressing in layers is also wise, as it allows you to take off or put back on parts of your outfit to respond to temperature changes.

If your temperature changes are severe, or especially if you experience hot flashes, you should talk with your health care provider. She may be able to help formulate a treatment plan to get you through the discomforts of pregnancy.

Will My Body Temperature Change During Pregnancy?