Pregnancy is a time when you gain weight. In fact, you will gain weight each and every month until you give birth with weight gain peaking in the third trimester. Many women only gain a couple pounds in their first trimester, more in the second, and the most in the third. It is very important to gain weight while you are pregnant because it will ensure you and your baby are getting enough nutrition and that your body can handle the pregnancy. Of course, some women don’t want to gain weight at all while others gain too much and want to begin losing while they are still pregnant, and still other women lose weight during pregnancy due to nausea and sickness. In general, it is not safe to lose weight during pregnancy.

You want your baby to be healthy and to have all the nutrition it might need during your pregnancy. If you are trying to lose weight then it is very possible there are certain foods you are not eating that would otherwise provide you and your baby with much needed nutrition, vitamins, and supplements. This could cause problems for your baby’s development not to mention your own health. The baby will take what it needs from your body to develop and survive. However, that might leave you with weak bones and deficient in different minerals and vitamins that you need.

Even if you gain too much weight during pregnancy simply try and eat sensibly until you give birth. At this point then you will be able to lose weight and diet. This is much better for your health and the health of your baby. Just because you are overweight now doesn’t mean you will be forever. Simply keep in mind that you will lose around 20 pounds the week you give birth and after that if you breastfeed you will burn from 500-1000 extra calories a day. This means that you will lose weight naturally without too much effort if you wait until you give birth and then choose to breastfeed. It might seem difficult each day to see your overweight pregnant body in the mirror, but in a few short months you will have a brand new baby and be able to start losing those pounds.

Losing Weight During Pregnancy