Wouldn’t it be wonderful if we could wave a magical fertility wand and help any woman to conceive just by a flip of the wrist! Since time immemorial, fertility has been a mystery, and even today, many women are unable to obtain definitive answers from their doctors as to why they experience such difficulty in conceiving. Somehow, some women seem to fall pregnant when they stop trying’, yet others grow miserable in their longing when years of attempting to conceive bring zero results.

Every era has had its magical cures’ for infertility. Praying to the Gods brought comfort in ancient Egypt and Greece and herbal remedies have been created in nearly all civilizations across the world. Interestingly, wild yam (Dioscorea villosa) is touted as an anti-fertility treatment and originally, birth control pills were made using this plant! However, when taken in small doses such as 10 to 20 drops daily from the first day of menstrual bleeding to the middle of the month (ovulation), it has actually been shown to increase fertility.

It’s not known whether there are any detrimental effects with the use of wild yam, so you need to make an informed decision as to whether or not you want to risk trying an unproven product.

Women whose herbalists have suggested it as an aid to rebalancing hormones have used wild yam successfully. Hormonal imbalances are the culprits for menstrual cramps, PMS, heavy bleeding and other uncomfortable or painful symptoms. Wild yam can be used to regulate cycles and make them more predictable and regular and it is likely these attributes that help increase a woman’s chances of fertility. It’s thought that by taking it in the aforementioned small doses, it helps to ready the egg for fertilization.

What is wild yam?
A winding vine, wild yam has yellow flesh that is starchy in texture like that of a potato. It can be found growing in Mexico, and North America. Wild yam contains a sapogenin called diosgenin, a plant estrogen’ which is a precursor to progesterone. Diosgenin produces effects such as you would expect from estrogen, which is why women report relief from reproductive system symptoms when taking wild yam. It can also be beneficial in relieving morning sickness during pregnancy and can even help prevent miscarriages.

Always seek professional advice before using herbal extracts. An experienced herbalist will be able to help diagnose your particular problems and come up with a preparation to help remedy them. Wild yam is not unsafe to use but may not be appropriate for everyone’s symptoms.

Can Wild Yam increase fertility?