Many women find the process of trying to conceive very frustrating because they thought it would just happen. Pregnancy doesn’t happen for every woman the first month, and to believe with every fiber of your being that it’ll be that quick and easily usually just sets you up for disappointment. Although people accidentally become pregnant all the time, getting pregnant actually requires that everything is just right. So, go in assuming that it won’t happen right away and you’ll probably be able to hang in there a lot longer without getting frustrated.


Most couples will experience conception within the first 12 months of trying, although for some it may take up to 18 months. Most practitioners will not intervene in the conception process unless it has been more than 12 months since the couple actively began trying to conceive. In some cases, a practitioner will intervene sooner if there is a history of serious fertility issues in which the couple will not be able to become pregnant on their own. So, for most people you will be on your own for those first 12 months of trying. Because a year can be a long time, it’s a good idea for a couple to go into the conception process thinking that it will take a full 12 months of trying to get pregnant, so that when they become pregnant after just four or six months it’ll be a wonderful surprise!


Pregnancy Statistics

You might find the following statistics comforting or just very informative:


· Just 25% of couples actively trying to conceive become pregnant the first cycle.

· 60% become pregnant in the first six months of trying to conceive.

· 75% of couples become pregnant within nine months.

· 90% of couples experience pregnancy within 18 months.


While pregnancy is something that you’d probably like to happen sooner rather than later, when you look at these statistics you should feel some comfort. 90% of couples actively trying to get pregnant will experience that joy within the next year and a half. That sounds like a long time, but a planned pregnancy is something worth waiting for, whether it’s one month or eighteen.


The key to getting pregnant is to know your body and understand your fertility cycle. Knowing the signs and signals your body gives you every month as to your fertility will help guide you on your way to conception. If you are in doubt as to whether you are proceeding in a successful fashion, you can always talk with your doctor. Just remember that they are not likely to intervene until 12 or 18 months have passed. 


There is a lot of great literature out there, both in the bookstore and on the Internet, that will help you with positions to try, herbs you can take, and methods you might employ to speed up the conception process. How much faith you put in these tactics is up to you, just remember that this should be a fun experience!


Getting Pregnant: How Long Does It Take?