It doesn’t matter how long you’ve been on the pill, twelve months or twelve years, most doctors recommend waiting one to three months before you start trying to get pregnant. Many women are worried about being able to conceive after being on the pill so they find themselves in a bit of a rush to get started! When you stop taking the pill you should go through a process of readying your body for pregnancy. Instead of rushing into the conceiving stage, take a couple months to really relax and enjoy your life, and your partner. You’ll find the experience much more rewarding if you ease into it. It’s actually a good idea to stop taking the pill three months before you even want to start trying so you aren’t so tempted to rush into things!


You can relax if you are worried that you will not be able to get pregnant after taking the pill. Most women have no problem getting pregnant after taking the pill, though some experience some difficulty in establishing regular periods. Give your body one to three months to sort of even out, and you’ll likely see your body returning to its pre-pill cycles. This time frame gives your body adequate time to rid itself of the hormones from the pill, and also gives you time to start taking folic acid and prental vitamins, which will make your body prime for carrying a healthy baby to term.


After the one to three month period, you are free to begin the fun task of trying to conceive. Don’t get frustrated if you do not get pregnant right away. Your body may take a bit longer to sort of get back into the fertile cycle. If you doubt whether you are ovulating, you can buy an ovulation predictor at most drug stores to help you pinpoint when you are ovulating. But, you shouldn’t rush out and get these items, instead try for a few months and have fun with it. Rushing will only make you stress, which can make it more difficult to get pregnant. Also, remember that it can take some women longer than three months to have normal periods; it often takes up to a year.


If you do happen to get pregnant right away after coming off the pill, you needn’t worry. There are no known birth defects caused by getting pregnant “too soon” after the pill. If it happens, it happens and you can be excited about it. The idea to wait one to three months is just a recommendation to improve your chances of becoming pregnant more quickly. It may sound cliché, but pregnancy usually happens when you stop trying so hard, and when it’s meant to happen! So, relax and have fun with the whole trying to conceive process!


Conceiving After You’ve Been On The Pill