There are many symptoms of pregnancy that are unexpected, and though they do not seem like a big deal, they are very bothersome. A metallic taste in the mouth of many pregnant women is a great example of how odd these symptoms can be, and how something so simple can be quite irritating. Unfortunately, many doctors don’t acknowledge the fact that a metallic taste is a symptom of pregnancy, and so they are not able to offer any real answers or solution for this symptom. But, too many pregnant women suffer from this metallic taste to deny that it does not accompany pregnancy.

The cause for the metallic taste is unknown for many women, though many doctors believe that the taste may come from the use of prenatal vitamins. Prenatal vitamins are very metallic tasting by their very nature, so if you are not accustomed to taking vitamins, you might find that you experience a very metallic taste. Simply taking your vitamin with food or changing the time of day when you take your vitamin may solve the taste issue. Other women find that they simply need to take the vitamins for a couple of weeks and then the taste goes away for good.

Other women find that the metallic taste does not go away no matter what they do concerning their prenatal vitamins. Many doctors believe that acid reflux may be to blame for the lingering metallic taste. Your doctor may be able to provide you with medication that will relieve acid reflux, though some find that taking an antacid when experiencing the metallic taste will fix the problem straight away. If you suffer from acid reflux tell your doctor so that you can work together to get to the bottom of the reflux and metallic taste problem.

Antibiotics are common cause of a metallic taste in the mouth. If you’ve been taking antibiotics, you might that when you are done with the medication that the metallic taste goes away. While this is an annoying side effect from the medication, you don’t want to stop taking it and risk becoming ill while pregnant. For most people, the metallic taste will stop several days into taking the medication, or when the medication is stopped altogether.

Some women have a lingering metallic taste that doesn’t seem to be related to much of anything. Many naturalists believe that the metallic taste is toxins being released by the lymph glands. These naturalists believe that the toxins are being released to protect the fetus from the side effects of exposure to the toxins, though many doctors disagree with this idea.

The fact is that pregnancy often changes the way that women taste, and not all of those changes are good. While a lot of food may taste great, you might be left with this lingering metallic taste for quite awhile. Gum or breath mints might help you deal with the taste in your mouth, or a good toothpaste or mouthwash might help as well. Before you know it your pregnancy will be over and you’re taste will be back to normal!

The Mysterious Metallic Taste Associated With Pregnancy