Morning sickness is something that a good deal of women experience when they are pregnant. Though many women find that the symptoms decrease or go away altogether after the first trimester, those first three months can be horrible leading any woman to question her decision to become pregnant. Morning sickness is often so terrible that women cannot continue to work or do the things that she wants to do. There are many drugs that your doctor can prescribe for you, but these drugs often come with high risks to your health and the health of your baby in addition to them being very costly. Thankfully, there is a natural morning sickness treatment that works for a good deal of women that won’t cost near as much as the risky prescription drugs and it may be just as effective.

Ginger has long been used for those who suffer from nausea due to motion sickness or even post surgery, and over the years many women have found that ginger also eases their morning sickness. Many studies have actually proven that women suffering from morning sickness do respond to ginger. In several studies more than 50-75% of women responded to the ginger, though the response was different in each of the women. Some women find that their morning sickness symptoms go away all together when using ginger, and others find that the nausea is just a lot less overwhelming when taking it. Overall, it seems that ginger can help women better cope with the sickening feelings often associated with that first trimester of pregnancy.

It’s always a great idea to talk to your doctor before taking ginger for your morning sickness, but because it’s natural you do not need the approval of your doctor to begin taking ginger. If you shop at a natural foods store you might find that you can buy 250mg capsules of ginger or many vitamin stores have the capsules as well. Just be sure that when you buy the capsules they are only ginger or ginger and vitamin B6. The reason for this is because natural substances such as ginger are often combined with vitamins or minerals that you don’t need while pregnant because you are already taking vitamins and you can overdose if you take more.

Most women suffering from morning sickness find that taking a 250mg capsule of ginger with each meal and then one before bed makes morning sickness much more tolerable. It might take a couple days of this regimen before you experience the full benefit of ginger. Sticking with the schedule of one capsule at each meal and one before bed, even if you aren’t feeling particularly nauseas, is a good idea. Help prevent morning sickness by eating small meals and not over doing yourself physically.

Ginger has been proven to help many women with morning sickness, so if you are suffering it’s worth giving it a try. Ginger is safe and natural, and won’t harm you or your baby!

Treating Morning Sickness With Ginger