Clary sage is often used in labor to provide an aromatic delivery, where the smells in the delivery room can benefit the mother in a variety of ways. Clary sage should never be confused with regular sage, as sage can actually be very toxic to the baby because it’s so strong. Your midwife might recommend using Clary sage, but if she doesn’t, why not bring it up and see what she thinks. Clary sage has a very unique smell, so be prepared, because not all mothers will appreciate the smell!

Clary sage is said to help with respiratory, muscular, and uterine body systems during the labor process. Many people believe that it also helps to facilitate birth because it causes contractions to become more regular or intense to move the labor along. Clary sage is often used with lavender, which is an antiseptic because Clary sage is an analgesic and a mixture of the two often provides just what your midwife needs to make you more comfortable.

Clary sage essential oils are often put onto a couple cotton balls and then put under the mothers’ pillow or near the bed or birthing area. The smell is quite pungent so a cotton ball or two soaked in the oil will probably be sufficient, and if the mother wants more you can always add more later. The key is to find what the mother likes and stick with it so that she is more comfortable.

Clary sage is often rubbed right onto the skin, though some women may have sensitive skin and it might not be the best idea. Rubbing the oil onto the skin can often heighten the benefits of Clary sage, and may also cause a euphoric feeling for the mother. With the use of Clary sage, many women find that they don’t have the need for pain medication because they are able to relax and sort of go to another place during painful contractions.

It’s amazing how much essential oils and aromatic deliveries can help the mother deliver without the stress and pain often associated with delivery. Labor is hard work, so why not try everything you can? Even if you aren’t working with a midwife your labor coach or partner can help you create the aromatic environment that you want. Remember that even in the most sterile hospital delivery, the use of Clary sage and other essential oils can make a huge difference for you and your baby, so why not give it a try?

Using Clary Sage During Delivery