PIH refers to "Pregnancy Induced Hypertension."  PIH is a condition brought on by pregnancy in which the mother has high blood pressure.

The most moderate form of PIH may occur just as high blood pressure.  A middle-severity case may occur as high blood pressure with protein in the urine and/or swelling.  Finally, the most severe cases of PIH may include all of the above plus convulsions.

Symptoms of PIH can include:

–  rapid weight gain (at least 4 – 5 lbs in a single week)

–  Swelling of face or hands

–  Swelling of ankles or feet that does not go away after 12 hours of rest

–  A rise in blood pressure

–  Protein in the urine

–  Severe headaches

–  Blurry vision

–  Seeing spots

–  Severe stomach pains

–  Decrease in urination

If you experience any number of these symptoms, contact your physician immediately.  If detected early, PIH can be effectively treated.  If untreated it can lead to preterm birth, stillbirth, IUGR and health effects for you.

What is PIH?