The question of whether to continue nursing after a subsequent pregnancy is a controversial one.

Many moms make the decision to wean after becoming pregnant again for a variety of reasons.  Fatigue, related to the new pregnancy, may make nursing difficult.  Nipple pain or sensitivity may make nursing impossible while pregnant.  Some physicians may recommend weaning so that the mom’s body can focus nutrients where it needs them the most, on the newly developing baby.  Some infants will initiate weaning because milk changes its taste or becomes less plentiful.  Other medical issues such as uterine pain or bleeding, a history of premature delivery or mother’s weight loss may cause her to wean for safety’s sake.

Many women may continue nursing while pregnant.  This is especially the case when a woman becomes pregnant who already has a nursing child less than 6 months of age.  There are no formal research studies specifically examining the relationship between continuing to nurse through pregnancy and pregnancy problems.  Because of this, many women continue to breastfeed successfully through a subsequent pregnancy.

Can I continue nursing while pregnant?