Many women experience a heightened sense of sex drive and sexual sensitivity during pregnancy, and may even be more likely to orgasm during pregnancy than when they were not pregnant.  It should be perfectly safe for you to have an orgasm during pregnancy.  In fact, there may even be benefits to orgasm during pregnancy.  For example, while your baby is unaware of what you are doing, your baby does experience the euphoric hormone rush that you will experience. 

There are some guidelines to follow for sex during pregnancy:

–  Deep penetration should be at the discretion and comfort of the mother.

–  Water or air (or any foreign objects) in the vagina should not be part of any sex play during pregnancy.

–  Douching should never be done during pregnancy.

–  Understanding, empathy, creativity and humor will be good assets to love making during pregnancy.

–  You should always be able to say “no."

–  Avoid intercourse (or sexual activity) if advised to do so by your care provider.

–  Intercourse should be avoided if the amniotic fluid is leaking, has ruptured, or if there is a suspicion that it may be leaking.

–  Any sexual contact should be avoided if the woman or her partner has been exposed to, or has confirmation of a sexually transmitted disease or HIV.

–  Keep your sense of humor!

–  Performing oral sex on your partner (fellatio) is always safe during pregnancy and for some couples is a very satisfactory substitute when intercourse isn’t permitted.

–  If you are carrying twins or more, intercourse should be avoided during the last trimester.

–  As term approaches, start to discuss postpartum contraception.

If I am pregnant, can orgasms harm my baby?