A light, short period can be an early indicator of pregnancy.  However, if you are taking birth control pills, it is typically counted as a missed period if you have no bleeding at all. A light or very light period is still a period on the pills. Rarely, a very light period can be associated with a pregnancy if you missed more than one or two pills in a month.

If you suspect you may be pregnant, there are other signs to check for, including: 

–  swelling, tenderness, or tingling in the breasts

–  the need to urinate more frequently

–  fatigue

–  nausea or vomiting

–  abdominal cramping

–  changes in appetite

–  changes in digestion

–  changes in mood

If you are pregnant, you will typically see more than one of these symptoms.  A light period one month combined with several of these symptoms may indicate pregnancy.  A light period one month with none of these symptoms probably does not.

I had a very light period. Is it possible that I am pregnant?