Blunt trauma to the abdomen while you are pregnant can be of great concern.  You may worry about the possibility of miscarriage or damage to the baby.  Fortunately, at least in the first trimester, the uterus is still securely inside of the pelvis, protected by the pelvis bones.  This makes the risk of injury during the first trimester very remote, though not impossible.  During the second trimester, the fetus is still fairly well protected inside a relatively generous amount of amniotic fluid, although the uterus itself is susceptible to direct impact at this point.  The third trimester contains the most risk for blunt trauma, as the uterine wall is thin and the uterus is large.

In general, the effect of any sort of blunt trauma to the abdomen during pregnancy will be determined by several factors, including:

–  The age of the fetus.

–  Type and severity of the trauma.

–  The extent to which the trauma disrupts normal uterine physiology.

A physical examination will generally not be enough to determine if a blunt trauma has affected your baby.  During the first trimester, an ultrasound, Diagnostic Peritoneal Lavage, or CT-scan may be used to check for any fetal affects.  An ultrasound is generally considered the preferred method.

I am in my first trimester and was kicked in the stomach by my child while we are playing. Will my baby be okay?