Depending on if this is your first pregnancy or if you have other children, your body will grow differently.  When you have children your body changes in order to stretch and make room for the baby and uterus.  After you’ve had a child your body will have more give to it, which means that you will show sooner than the first time you are pregnant.

Around week 14 or 15 you’ll probably need to start wearing looser fitting clothes, if you haven’t already done so.  By your fourth or fifth month you’ll probably need maternity clothes.  Depending on your pre-pregnancy frame you may be able to get away with loose clothes, your husbands clothes or plus sized clothing for quite a while – sometimes until you deliver.  Many Mom’s say that people do not begin to notice that they are pregnant until they start to wear maternity clothing.  Even so, as your pregnancy progresses, regardless of what you wear, eventually everyone will be able to see that you are pregnant!

Some Mom’s will take a weekly picture of their profile to document the growth of their baby.  This is a great way to see your progress as you begin to show, and it’s also a very neat addition to your child’s baby book.  You’ll be amazed at how excited children are to see pictures of themselves in Mommy’s tummy!

When will I start showing that I am pregnant?