Recurrent miscarriage is defined by three consecutive miscarriages.  Most women will suffer a single, sporadic miscarriage, only 1% of women fall into the category of recurrent miscarriage.

If you have recurrent miscarriages the first step in treatment is figuring out the cause of your miscarriages.  There are a number of tests that can be run, along with a thorough investigation of your health history and an in depth pelvic exam.  Once the cause has been determined, your doctor or midwife will help you plan your treatment options so that you may have a successful pregnancy.

Treatments may include surgery to correct problems with the uterus, medication to correct immune and/or other health problems, including a hormonal imbalance.

Your chances of becoming pregnant after treatment can increase; however, if no cause can be found and no treatment options are available your chances of a full term pregnancy after recurrent miscarriage are about 60%

which may include surgery to correct problems with the shape of the uterus or medication to correct immune problems and hormone imbalances..

What are treatments for recurrent miscarriages?