While many women may pass through an abortion with little or no complications.  However, in some women, abortion may have a wide range of after-affects, including Post Abortion Stress Syndrome, menstrual disturbance, inflammation of the reproductive organs, serious infection and others.

Surgical abortion in particular can contribute to infertility issues.  For example, overzealous curettage during a D&C can damage the uterine lining and lead to permanent infertility.  Studies published in the American Journal of Public health suggest that ectopic pregnancies are more common in women who have had an abortion.  The risk of these sorts of complications, as well as the risk of miscarriage, is raised with each abortion, according to the Journal of the American Medical Association.

Any and all of these risks should be discussed with your physician.  If you are concerned about an abortion affecting your fertility, you may consider exploring other options, such as adoption.  As with any medical procedure, it is important that your physician is someone you know and trust, who can provide the type of follow-up care that you may need.

Does having an abortion affect my ability to get pregnant later in my life?