Is It Safe To Go Boating While Pregnant?

Typically, activities that are considered unsafe during pregnancy include those that would provide an opportunity for the abdomen to be hit.  A leisurely boat ride in calm waters would probably provide little opportunity for any danger.  If you are considering white water rafting or there is a question as to how long you will be out at sea, or have access to medical facilities or care – you should check with your doctor.  If you have any medical complications, it may be a good idea to forego boating until after you’ve delivered.

Typically, cruise lines will allow women to board and sail up until 24-26 weeks.  After 24-26 weeks, cruise lines will not allow you to board, because they do not have the medical facilities to help you if you were to go into early labor.  Be sure and check with your cruise line as to their specific guidelines for pregnant passengers.

You should check with your health insurance provider before go on any type of boating outing.  Make sure that you’ll be covered if you have any complications while you are on board, or while you are out of the country if you are on a cruise.

If you are wondering if you’ll be more prone to seasickness while you are boating rest assured that you aren’t likely to feel more seasick than you normally might.  If you are already suffering from morning sickness, the motion from the boat might make you feel even worse.  Keep in mind, the larger the ship the more stable it will be. 

Lastly, make sure and find a life preserver (or a PFD) that will fit over your belly and adjust it so that it fits properly.

Is It Safe To Go Boating While Pregnant?