If the cut or scrape is bleeding you can apply direct, even pressure to the area to stop the bleeding.  Most cuts and scrapes will stop bleeding on their own.  If blood is spurting, or will not stop bleeding you should seek medical help.  If the cut is deep and may need stitches you should also seek the help of a doctor.

After the bleeding has stopped, thoroughly clean the wound with soap and water, removing any foreign material like dirt or gravel, which could lead to infection.  The area should be kept clean and dry, and can be covered with a bandage to aid in keeping it clean. 

Each day clean your wound with soap and water.  Check it for infection; infected areas tend to be red, puffy or swollen and can be warm to the touch.  After you have cleaned your cut or scrape cover it with a new clean bandage.

Avoid using hydrogen peroxide, alcohol, or iodine in the cut or scrape.  These can slow down healing and do not prevent infections.  A first aid ointment that has a topical antibiotic can be used, but you should check with your doctor first.  No harmful or abnormal side effects have been found in babies whose mothers have used topical antibiotics, but it is better to ere on the side of caution when pregnant.

How Should I Treat Cuts And Scrapes If I Am Pregnant?