Women who are pregnant for the first time generally feel their baby move sometime during their 18th week.  If you have been pregnant before you might be able to feel the baby moving earlier, simply because you know what it feels like.  Anywhere between 16 to 20 weeks is typical to feel those first movements.

The baby’s first movements have been described in many different ways, it’s a gentle sensation that is often mistaken for gas bubbles.  Others have described the feeling as butterfly wings, tumbling in the stomach, or just a fluttering in the stomach. 

After you feel the initial movement the baby will grow and the movements will become stronger and more regular until you will be feeling normal kicks and thumping.  These are not painful, although sometimes they can be quite a surprise when you aren’t expecting them! 

If you are unsure if the fluttering you are having is your baby moving around your doctor or midwife may be able to help you out by using a Doppler to listen for fetal movements.  When they identify these movements you can decide if you are feeling something at the same time.

What Does Your Baby Moving Feel Like?