When you are packing your bag for the hospital you may not be sure what all to include.  Here is a list of some of the common items that new Moms and laboring Moms might like to have when away from home.  Check with your health practitioner or the hospital because they may have a list of items you should and should not bring as well.

For Labor:

_____  Birth Plan

_____  Glasses (to change out of contacts)

_____  Pony-Tailer

_____  Chapstick or lip balm

_____  Bathrobe

_____  Nightgown

_____  Slippers

_____  Socks

_____  Reading material (magazines, books, etc.)

_____  Pillow

_____  Music

_____  Picture or focal point

_____  Good luck talisman

_____  Watch


After Delivery:

_____  Toothbrush/paste

_____  Shampoo

_____  Deodorant

_____  Lotion

_____  Contact Solution

_____  Eye drops

_____  Hair brush

_____  Makeup

_____  Change of clothing

_____  Shoes and socks

_____  Camera

_____  Snacks for you and/or your labor coach

_____  Change for the vending machine, or money for the cafeteria

_____  Nursing bra and breast pads

_____  Car Seat

_____  Baby’s going home outfit and/or outfit for hospital picture

_____  Receiving blanket

_____  Baby socks or booties

_____  Baby hat


Things To Take To The Hospital