After experiencing the loss of a baby due to miscarriage, many couples want to try to become pregnant again right away.  It is important that you and your partner are physically and emotionally ready.  If your body isn’t ready for another pregnancy, you run the risk in repeating the miscarriage.  Medically, two to three months is typically enough for your body to recover.  It takes this much time for the uterus to recover and for the endometrial lining to become strong and healthy again. 

Emotionally, you may need more time than this to come to terms with what has happened.  A miscarriage can strain a marriage.  It can cause feelings of grief, guilt, depression and fatigue.  You may feel isolated and withdrawn.  Make sure you work through these issues with your partner as well as a mental health professional if these feelings do not subside within a couple of months.

Once you have decided to conceive again, there are things you can do to prepare for another pregnancy.  You should: 

–  Avoid unnecessary medication

–  Take folic acid supplements

–  Eat a healthy diet

–  Exercise regularly

–  Reduce or eliminate your caffeine intake

–  Reduce or eliminate your alcohol intake

–  Rest as much as possible

–  Share your feelings with your partner and others

–  Use stress-management techniques

How quickly after a miscarriage can I get pregnant?