Bed Rest survival guide

So, your physician has indicated that you have a "high risk" pregnancy and need to be on bed rest.  While being on bedrest is extremely frustrating, there are things you can do to make it more tolerable:

–  Find out exactly what activities are forbidden and plan accordingly.

–  Develop a schedule.  You’ll feel more in control of things if everything has its own time.  For example, pay bills on Monday, write in your pregnancy journal on Thursdays, etc.

–  Set up a bedside cooler packed with a lunch, snacks, and beverages.  This will help with feelings of independence.

–  If you are able, purchase or rent a laptop computer to stay connected to friends and family via the Internet.

–  Get cups with lids and straws.

–  Reserve books at the local library via phone or Internet, and ask friends or family to pick them up for you.

–  Get a membership with a mail-order video rental company such as NetFlix or Blockbuster online.

–  Get a crock pot and plan on using it, or teaching your partner to use it.

–  Get extra keys for friends and neighbors.

–  Call baby product companies or locate them on the Web. Register for freebies. Request catalogs.

–  Finish projects, such as updating your address book or photo albums.  Do your Christmas cards (even if it is only February!)

–  Keep a notebook for recording all to-do’s, questions for doctors, phone numbers.

–  Keep a box of wipes handy to clean your hands throughout the day.

–  Get a big wastebasket, one that can capture the newspaper, junk mail, and the wrappings from food.

–  Let your partner know that his normally agreeable wife may have an irrational crying fit while on bedrest.

–  Encourage your partner to take a vacation day at least once each month, so that he can either get a break or get things done on a weekday.

–  Ask friends to toss in a load of laundry and keep you company while they wait to fold it.

–  Collect take-out menus for you.

–  Make sure everyone that offers to help is given an opportunity.  Put them on a schedule with regular routines they can schedule and that you can count on.


–  Invite friends over for a Friday night video and pizza party in your bedroom.

–  Don’t feel obligated to be productive.  Your main purpose at this time is to keep yourself and your baby healthy.

–  Communicate with your partner.  Share in his frustrations as he shares in yours.

Pregnancy bedrest survival guide