Fetal Development Week by Week – Week 33

Your baby now weighs about 4.4 pounds and measures about 17.8 inches.  Baby will gain one third to one half of their weight during the final weeks of your pregnancy.  The amniotic fluid is now at it’s highest level and will stay at this level until your delivery.  Your little one may have now settled into the head down position; however, some babies do not do this until later in pregnancy.

The baby’s skull is not joined and is very pliable.  The brain is rapidly growing now and increasing in size.  Fat is rapidly accumulating and changing the color of your baby’s skin from red to pink, the skin appears less wrinkly as they continue to accumulate this white fat.

Because your baby is rapidly gaining white fat and weight at this point you may be gaining weight more rapidly than in the past as well.  Continue to eat right and exercise as you can to help your baby grow and develop at a normal pace.  Now may be the time to decide if you will circumcise your little boy after his birth.  Continue to plan the details of your baby’s arrival including your birth plan the details of the nursery for when they come home.

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