Fetal Development Week by Week – Week 32

Your baby now weighs about 4 pounds and measures about 17 inches.  If you’re feeling kicks in your ribcage it probably means that baby has finally moved into the head down position that 96% of babies are born in.  Don’t worry if this hasn’t happened yet, you still have a few weeks left for baby to move.

During baby’s awake times their eyes are open and looking around.  When they are sleeping their eyes are closed.  Eye color is usually blue right now, but this will change with exposure to light, and then it can change again a few months after birth.

Little boys testicles are descending into the scrotum now.  Sometimes this doesn’t happen until after birth, but this condition usually corrects itself.  Baby’s immune system is starting to develop now and sometimes the fingernails are so long that they will scratch themselves. 

White fat is continuing to accumulate now.  This helps baby’s skin appear more pink and diminishes the wrinkly appearance of your little one’s skin.

If you haven’t already gotten a list together of the things you need to take with you to the hospital you should start now.  Ask your health practitioner what signs to watch for to indicate you are in labor and when they would like for you to call their office.  Be sure and ask what the procedure for contacting them is once you think you are in labor.

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