Fetal Development Week by Week – Week 26

Your baby now weighs about 2 pounds and is about 13 inches long.  You’ve reached the end of your second trimester and now time may seem to crawl along as you wait through these final weeks.  Just remember that soon you will have a new little one to hold and love!

This week the eyes are opening and beginning to blink.  Before now, the eyes have been sealed shut so that they can continue to develop the retina.  Baby’s eye color, depending on their coloring and ethnic background, may be dark or brown, or they could be grayish blue.  Depending on your baby their eyes may change colors during the first few months after birth.  Eyelashes are growing now, as is the hair on their head.

Taste buds are continuing to develop and they are improving their sucking and swallowing motions.  Brain waves become stronger this week, which affects the vision and hearing.  The smooth brain is now forming grooves and valleys.

The bronchial tract develops this week and the lungs are growing.  If your baby were born now, it would have an 85% chance of survival, but the lungs are still very immature.  Little boy’s testes have completely descended at this point and although your baby is rapidly putting fat on their body, the skin is still very thin and the veins are visible.

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Fetal Development Week by Week – Week 26