There may be several possible reasons that your physician would put you on bedrest during your pregnancy.  Possible causes could include:

–  Preterm labor

–  Multiple babies

–  Low amniotic fluid

–  Unexplained bleeding

–  Hypertension (high blood pressure)

–  Preeclampsia

–  Incompetent cervix (when the cervix opens prematurely)

–  Gestational diabetes

–  Premature rupture of the membranes

–  Placenta previa

While bed rest is not ideal, it is known to prevent many difficulties during pregnancy.  Bed rest comes with difficulties, but there are also amazing rewards, not the least of which is a healthy baby. 

If you find you are going to be put on bedrest, ther are some things you should do to prepare.  You need to speak with your physician to find out exactly what activities are and are not allowed.  You need to speak with your family and friends to make sure that your own needs (as well as the needs that you normally fill for your family) are being met.  You need to create a list of activities that you can still enjoy while you are on bed rest.

After you have your baby and are no longer on bedrest, you may find that you have difficulty resuming regular activities such as driving or grocery shopping.  It is important to ease back into these tasks.  Additionally, you may find that it takes weeks to get back to the energy level you had before pregnancy.  During these times, it is important to remember that taking care of your new baby may be all you can handle for now, but that it is enough.  As you gain more strength, you can add activities one at a time. 

Reasons for Bed Rest during Pregnancy